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Wetland Determination & Delineation

In order to initially determine the cost effectiveness of a project, or status or an area of land, clients will generally request a wetland determination report. When conducting a wetland determination, we will evaluate maps of the property to evaluate the likelihood  of a wetland being  present, followed by a site visit to assess if  wetlands are present, and then document and grid the location and extent of the wetlands.

With this information, we can advise clients whether a wetland delineation should be done.

A wetland delineation is a much more detailed process that very specifically defines the physical and definitive boundary of wetlands within a site. This boundary separates the jurisdictional wetlands from the unregulated areas on the site. A delineation is critical to identifying the exact wetland boundary and the area of the site it encumbers for permitting of impacts to wetlands or other regulated waters. Generally speaking, a wetland delineation is crucial to documenting that impacts to wetlands have been avoided.

We at Coffey Geoscience utilize the most up-to-date technology when conducting wetland delineation work to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

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